About us

LOGOWIN – founded in 2018 by two  gun enthusiasts is wholesale company distributing high technology guns, its parts, accessories and target shooting equipment.  Products are awaitable for  private people – athletes, hunters, as well as professionals – armed forces or law enforcement agencies.

We operate two certified warehouses with a total area of 500 sq. m.

In the Baltic market, LOGOWIN stands out due to its offering of single and rare high-tech products. With a focus on quality rather than quantity, we are looking for modern and exclusive weapons. We import most of these unique goods from the United States, and to a lesser extent from the European region.

Although we haven’t entered the market a long time ago, today we are happy to represent these brands: Deserttech, Elcan, Hi-Lux Leatherwood, Howa, Inter Ordnance Incorporated, Kestrel, Mission Critical Design, Real Avid, Sightmark, SwissArms, Tangent Theta, TerrapinX, Zerust.