Delivery information

Delivery of goods:

Definitions are in the purchase rules

Simple goods

  1.  The buyer, who chooses the delivery service at the time of ordering, undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.
  2.  The term of delivery of the goods is indicated in the description of the goods. If the item is not in the Seller’s warehouse and it is ordered, the Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer for the exact delivery term by the contact details given by the Buyer. In all cases, confirmation of execution of the order shall be sent to the Customer only upon receipt of payment to the Seller’s account. The person picking up the item from the Seller must present a valid ID. The item is only delivered to the person who purchased it in the system.
  3. The Buyer agrees that, in exceptional cases, delivery of the Goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the Seller’s control. In this case the Seller undertakes to immediately contact the Buyer and agree on the terms of delivery.
  4.  At the time of delivery of the shipment, the Buyer shall, together with the courier or the Seller, check the condition of the package, quantity, quality and assortment of the shipment. In all cases, the Buyer notices the violation of the packaging during the delivery, either in the Seller ‘s delivery document or in a separate report regarding such violations. The Buyer must do so in the presence of the Courier or the Seller. Failure to do so shall result in the Seller being relieved of liability to the Buyer for damage to the goods in connection with any packaging damage not noted by the Buyer in the delivery document.
  5. Goods that are only available to adults under the age of 18 shall be picked up at the Seller’s point of sale. A proof of identity and age is required at the time of collection.Special goods
  6.  Purchased by the Buyer at the Seller’s point of sale.
  7.  The Seller may deliver to the Buyer a special item by courier. For delivery of goods, please contact the following contacts.
  8. The person collecting the special product from the Seller must present a valid original of the Identity Document and the Special Product Authorization. The special product is delivered only to the person who bought it in the system by signing the deed of acceptance – transfer. If the Special Product is purchased by a legal entity, the authorized person who takes the item from the Seller must provide the originals of the valid Identity Document, Authorization for the Special Product, and the employee certificate.